Here's a photo gallery of completed model pictures sent to us. If you have some completed models, take a digital photo and email to us, along with your name and any other information you want posted, and we'll display your picture here. email:

PaperToys used as children's developmental aide

PaperToys makes customized models for use as Christmas ornaments.
See story below...

This is a photo of a tugboat model that we made for Moran Towing Company. They operate a fleet of tugs in the Chesapeake Bay area. They wanted a christmas ornament to send to their customers. Here's what we came up with. The little tugs will come fully assembled and will arrive in a blue, red, or clear plastic box for safe-keeping. The models are printed on the bottom with the Moran Logo and a message "Merry Christmas from Moran Towing, Christmas 2002." These make great keepsakes, and may even become a collector's item.

American Women's Club Plans "National Tree" Theme for Montreal Museum of Fine Arts!
Story below...

"I am a member of the American Women's Club in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Every year, we decorate a Christmas tree at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and for 2002, we are creating a "National" Tree. This idea actually came from your web site, when I saw the American national monuments. It occured to me how great they would look as Christmas ornaments, so I started printing them out. That has let to contacting governors and Senators to send flags and ornaments to decorate the tree as well, but your models will be hung thoughtout the tree and your company's name will be promenantly displayed on our list of participants, placed at the base of the tree. This tree is seen by thousands of people over the 6 weeks it is displayed, so many people will get to see your wonderful models."

Thanks again for the idea!
Cynthia Jones
American Women's Club


"Hi There !!! My name is Ran Brosh, I am 13 years old and I live in Israel. 5 days ago I found your website in an article in the most popular newspaper in Israel. Up to now I've finished to 8 paper cut-outs: Big Ben, Chrysler Building, World Trade Center Memorial, Stealth Aircraft, Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building & Hummer. I want to thank you very very much!!!" Ran Brosh


Here'a an idea sumitted by visitor, Paul Bennett:

"This is what I did with your art work.. Hope you don't mind.. and you may pass it along on your site if you want..

"I took the Color-ized Badge of the "WE Will Never Forget" and reduced it to a 3/4 inch circle and printed it on a heavy card stock. (I got 80 on a single 81/2 x 11 sheet of paper.) I made a 9 inch ribbon of Red, White (Blank) and Blue about 1 inch wide, on the ends of the 9 inch ribbon I added some stars. I printed them 9 to a sheet of paper. I looped each ribbon in the middle and Laying the "Never Forget" badge in the center of it I placed a "seamstress" pin into it holding it together and giving the people a pin so they can pin it on. (I cheated and glued most of them together) .. now I have a familiar looking Looped ribbon with your "We will never Forget" in the center of it... these are to be passed out to the church choir next Sunday morning... and TEEN adult Sunday School class has volunteered to make a lot of them to be passed out at the worship service the following Sunday. The teens will not charge but will have an offering box and all the money taken in will be sent to a charity for the WTC relief fund. The cost?? well 150 sewing pins cost $1.29 and what is the cost of a sheet of paper that is run through the Computer printer? .. In all I'd say about ONE Cent per ribbon.. the effect??? it is worth a Million...!!"


Hi i'm Jason aged 15 from Malaysia. These are the models i have made. Great Job !

Two Pictures sent by Edward Henden

Danick Charbonneau, Rock Forest, Québec

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