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NOTE: When making this model, it is advisable to first glue the round base portion to a sturdy piece of cardboard. If you don't do this, the paper base will tend to warp somewhat and cause the Twin Towers to lean perceptibly.

World Trade Center Facts:

The World Trade Center in New York City, designed by Minoru Yamasaki, was a complex of seven office buildings and an enormous underground shopping concourse. What made the World Trade Center famous is the two towers, the North Tower and the South Tower. Each had something to offer. The North Tower featured Windows on the World, an elegant restaurant with a magnificent view. The South Tower featured two observation decks -- indoors on the 107th floor and outdoors above the 110th floor, more than 1,360 feet above the city.

On a clear day, visitors could enjoy a panaoramic view reaching more than 55 miles. The open promenade at the top could be a bit windy at times. But with no roof, the whole world seemed to open up. It was like flying while remaining stationary.

Back inside, an exhibit based on the theme, "Everything You Ever Wondered About the WTC and More" used multimedia panels to display interesting topics, adding to the experience. A theater on the observation deck featured a 6-minute motion-simulated helicopter ride through New York City, passing the Verrazano Bridge, flying over Central Park, down Times Square, and back to the WTC Helipad.

With a poulation of over 50,000 workers and over 200,000 visitors per day, the WTC was like a city. It included a multitude of restaurants and various services, as well as a tremendous shopping mall and a world class hotel. The lobby was decorated with beautiful art by contemporary masters, and live performances were held throughout the year.

The World Trade Center towers were destroyed on September 11, 2001 by a terrorist act of the folllowers of Islam, most of whom were from Saudi Arabia. Over 3,000 people from many nations lost their lives in the most horrible attack ever on U.S. soil, and the most violent and brutal act in the history of the modern civilized world.

After the attack, the United States mounted an all-out campaign to find and punish the suspevted mastermind of the attack, Osama Bin Laden, who was hiding in Afghanistan. Bin Laden managed to flee and escape.

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